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Wednesday, 1 December 2021


Sunday, 26 December 2021

Win your share of over R2Million in Prizes!

*Exclusive to Suncoast Rewards cardholders*

It’s the festive countdown at Suncoast!

Play Slots or Tables with your Suncoast Rewards card during the promotional period, to earn points for draw entries. Play more, Earn more!


The Launch draw will take place on 01 December 2021 at 20h00

All Suncoast Rewards cardholders will receive ONE free ticket into the draw

Tickets may be entered from 08h00 on the draw day until the draw starts.

Six winners will be selected (2 per tier) to win a share of R22,000 in CASH and FreePlay


Daily draws will take place from 2-25 December at 18h00

Patrons qualify for the draw by visiting and earning the minimum points criteria per visit:

Black card:  200 points
Platinum card: 100 points
Gold card: 50 points

Points earning starts at 08h00 on each day and continues until 07h59 the next day.

Points earned on one day will be eligible for the draw on the next day i.e. qualifiers from 1 December will be entered into the draw on 2 December.

Only one (1) ticket may be earned per person per day.

Tickets earned will be automatically entered into the draw, there will be no ticket printing.

Prizes for these draws will be in the form of Cash, FreePlay, Cellphones, Hotel stays, Barnyard vouchers, Suncoast vouchers and Spa vouchers. Prizes will be revealed each day via an advent calendar.

Public draws will not be held, therefore guests may not be present at the draw.

Winners will be announced via Facebook Live and contacted telephonically.



The Car, Cash and Holiday draws will take place on 26 December at 18h00

There will be 3 draws;

CAR draw

CASH draw


Qualifiers will GET TO CHOOSE which draw they wish to enter. They may enter one, two or all three draws!

Rewards cardholders qualify for the draws by earning 500 points per ticket.

1.       Any person who is under 18, or who has been issued with a Refusal of Entry order, or who is self-excluded, or who falls into category of excluded persons, is expressly prohibited from gambling and/or participating in this promotion.

2.       This promotion is exclusive to Suncoast Rewards Cardholders (the “Participants”) and it is closed to any persons who are directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants of or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the company or marketing service providers, or spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.

3.       This promotional period will be from 01 December – 26 December 2021.

4.       Draw dates and times are listed below, any amendments will be communicated via the casino’s marketing mediums.

Day Date Draw Time Type Ticket printing
starts ends
Wed 01- Dec 20h00 Launch Draw 08h00 on 01 – Dec when draw starts
Daily 02 – 25 Dec 18h00 Daily Draws Automatic Entry. Ticket Printing not required
Sun 26 Dec 18h00 Car, Cash and Holiday Draw 08h00 on 20 Dec when draw starts

5.       Suncoast reserves the right to amend any dates/times of this promotion if deemed necessary, e.g.: points earning; entry bin closing; draws. Any changes will be communicated to all participating patrons via marketing channels.


6.       The entry bin that participants qualify for is determined by the participant’s card status on the day of the draw. The participant’s card status may change during the course of the promotion, if the guest has been upgraded or downgraded.


7.       These draws will not be held publicly, as such Participants may not be present at the draw area when the tickets are drawn/generated. Prize Winners will be selected by way of random electronic draw and will be announced via Facebook Live and Complex Audio.

8.       All Active Suncoast Cardholders will receive ONE complimentary ticket into the Launch Draw on 01 December 2021.

Daily Draws: 2 to 25 December 2021

Ticket Earning (Entry Criteria):


9.       Entry into these draws is automatic for all Qualifiers.

10.   Participants qualify by earning one (1) ticket per day when they Visit Suncoast during the Promotional Period and earn the minimum points criteria by playing Slots or Tables while using their Suncoast Rewards Card.

11.   Entries cannot be purchased for cash, points burning or through any other form of consideration.

12.   A Visit is defined as an active playing trip(s) per gaming day.  A gaming day is the 24-hours from 08h00 until 07h59 the next day.

13.   For a Visit to be valid, the participant must earn the minimum points criteria per tier within that gaming day.

Black Cardholders – 200                points       

Platinum Cardholders – 100 points         

Gold Cardholders – 50 points

14.   Multiple trips made in one day are counted as one Visit, however points from each of the trips will be combined.

15.    A maximum of one (1) ticket may be earned per day, additional tickets will not be earned for additional points earned in the day. The more Visits participants make to Suncoast during the Promotion Period, whilst earning the minimum point criteria per Visit, the more draws they will qualify for are earned.

16.   A single Visit that was to extend over the 07h59 / 08h00 cut off to define the 24-hour gaming day, could enable the participant to earn two Visits.  However, sufficient gaming points would need to be earned during both time periods to qualify the participant for two valid visits (i.e.: minimum points criteria would need to be earned before 07h59 and again after 08h00 to qualify). Points are calculated at the end of session/card cashout.

17.   Tickets are not rolled over after each draw.

Draw Participation Process

18.   Qualifiers are automatically entered into a draw the day after a qualifying Visit is made i.e. the draw on the 2nd December is for qualifying Visitors from 1 December. Activation at the Ehosts is not required for the Daily  Draws

19.   At the start of each daily draw the MC will reveal the prize type (Cash, FreePlay, Hotel stays)  for the day using the advent calendar and will then proceed to announce nine (9) winners for the day – 3 Black, 3 Plat, 3 Gold

Car, Cash and Holiday Draw – 26 December 2021

Ticket Earning (Entry Criteria):


20.   Participants earn tickets by points earned by playing slots or tables whilst using their Suncoast Rewards card during the points earning period.


21.    Points earning will commence on 01 December at 08h00 and will continue until 18h00 on the 26th December 2021. Only points earned during the promotional points earning period before the draw, will be considered for the draw.

22.    Participants from all tiers (Black/Plat/ Gold) will be entitled to tickets for the Draw based on a point criteria of 500 points per ticket. Ticket earning is unlimited.

23.   Tickets (Entries) are determined by the number of points earned by a Participant during the Points Earning Period and cannot be purchased for cash, points or through any other form of consideration. Points are not transferable.

Draw Participation Process


24.    Participants must activate their entry into the draw(s) at the eHosts, prior to the actual draw(s) within the specified times during which the entry bins are open.  Entry bin opening and closing times are listed in point 4 above.

25.   Participants will have a choice to enter a total of three draws during the ticket printing period. Participants can choose between the Car Draw and/or the Holiday Draw and/or Cash Draw.

26.    Fourteen (14) Finalists will be drawn per each Draw (Car/Cash/ Holiday) as follows :

§  Black – 8  Finalists

§  Plat – 4 Finalists

§  Gold – 2 Finalist

27.   Draws would be completed in the order of the following prizes:

a.       Car

b.      Cash

c.       Holiday

28.   For each Draw , fourteen (14) Finalist tickets drawn will be entered into the fishbowl and one (1) Prize Winner will be selected from this bowl to win the main prize (Car/ Cash/ holiday).  The remaining thirteen (13) Finalists will win consolation prizes. This will be repeated for each Draw.

29.   Participants may only be selected as a Finalist once per draw- once in the Car Draw, once in the Cash Draw and once in the Holiday Draw. If a Finalist is selected more than once in a draw, a redraw will be done to ensure fourteen (14) unique finalists, in a single draw.

30.   A Finalist may only be selected as a Prize Winner once i.e. the Prize Winner of the Car will not be eligible for the Cash and Holiday prizes and the Prize Winner of the Cash Draws will not be eligible for the Holiday Draw. The Prize Winner may however be selected as a Finalist and be eligible for consolation prizes.


31.   The prize breakdown for the Launch Draw on 01 December, is as follows:

Prize All Tier
1 R5,000+ R1,000 Slots Freeplay
2 R4,000 + R1,000 Slots Freeplay
3 R3,000 + R1,000 Slots Freeplay
4 R2,000 + R1,000 Slots Freeplay
5 R1,000 + R1,000 Slots Freeplay
6 R1,000 + R1,000 Slots Freeplay


32.    The Prize Pool for the Advent Calendar Daily Draws is valued at over R900, 000 of mystery prizes consisting of Cash, Slots Freeplay, Hotel Stays, Retailer Vouchers, Barnyard Vouchers, Spa Vouchers, and Cellphones.  The type of prize for each day will be revealed at the start of the draw. All tiers will receive the same type of prize with the value of the prize being tiered according to card status (Black/ Plat/ Gold), Black cardholders receiving the highest value.

33.   The prize breakdown for the Car, Cash and Holiday draw on 26 December is as follows:

Car Draw Cash Draw Holiday Draw
Mini Cooper 5-Door Hatch Cash @ R200,000 Trip for 2 to the Maldives


Remaining 13 Finalists (all except the winner) will win the following consolations prizes:

·         Car – R5,000 Cash + R1,000 Freeplay

·         Cash – R3,500 Cash + R1,000 Freeplay

·         Holiday – R2,000 Cash + R1,000 Freeplay

34.    Prizes may be collected after the draw during trading hours.  All Winners will be notified telephonically via contact details listed on the Patron Management System. All prizes are not transferrable.

35.   Cash prizes are redeemable at Suncoast Cash Desk and cannot be exchanged for Casino FreePlay or any other form of consideration unless otherwise advertised.

36.   Slots FreePlay Prizes are redeemable at Suncoast Rewards Desk and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of consideration unless otherwise advertised.

37.   Hotel Stay prizes are redeemable at The Suncoast Hotel & Towers and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of consideration unless otherwise advertised. Booking is subject to availability and Hotel Ts&Cs apply.

38.   Suncoast Retailer Vouchers are redeemable at Suncoast Retailers only and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of consideration unless otherwise advertised. Booking is subject to availability and individual Retailer Ts&Cs apply.

39.   Barnyard Vouchers are redeemable at Suncoast Barnyard Theatre only and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of consideration unless otherwise advertised. Booking is subject to availability and Barnyard Ts&Cs apply.

40.   Suncoast Spa prizes are redeemable at The Suncoast Spa and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of consideration unless otherwise advertised. Booking is subject to availability and Suncoast Spa Ts&Cs apply.

41.   Cellphones prizes are valued at R5,000 each and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of consideration unless otherwise advertised.

42.   The car being award in the Car Draw is a red Mini Cooper 5 Door Hatch. The vehicle advertised and on display at Suncoast are the actual vehicles that will be awarded to the winners. Should the winner decide to sell the car to the dealership instead of taking the actual car then that transaction is between the winner and the dealership. The dealership will advise on delivery date. The dealership’s Terms and Conditions apply. The prize winner must claim the prize at the casino or dealership within Fifteen (15) days of the draw.

43.  The Trip to Maldives is valid for two (2) people and includes flights, 5* accommodation with daily meals, airport transfers, intercity transfers, a couples spa treatment and a deep sea diving tour. The Trip is valued at a minimum of R150, 000; should the winner opt not to travel, he/she will be eligible for R120, 000 in CASH. The prize excludes any items of a personal nature. The winner will be required to travel from Durban. The prize is not transferrable and will not be extended. Valid for travel between 15 January 2022 until 30 November 2022 (excludes peak periods). Maldives COVID regulations apply. Travel agency Ts &Cs apply.

44.   Should a prize be given away other than a cash prize and this prize is found to be damaged when won then Suncoast reserves the right to have this prize repaired at Suncoast’s cost or to replace the prize with a similar prize of similar value. The discretion on the choice of action with regards to the damaged prize lies with Suncoast


45.   Prizes are to be collected and signed for receipt thereof by the relevant Prize Winner only within 15 days of the draw from the Guest Services Desk. Reasonable steps will be taken to contact the Prize Winner using contact details available on the Suncoast Patron Management System. Should the Prize Winner not be contactable, the prize may be forfeited.

46.   Prize Winners must be in possession of positive and acceptable form of identification when collecting prizes. Should the Participant not be in possession of an identity document, reasonable steps shall be taken to verify the Winner using the Patron Management System. Should proof of identification not be available on the system, verification will not be possible and the onus is on the Participant to present the valid verification documentation.

47.   All decisions are final and binding and no correspondence or appeals will be entered into.

48.   In the event of technical failure or damage to the device used for the promotional draw, irrespective of the cause, another suitable device or method will be used, at the sole discretion of Management. This may include rescheduling a draw date.

49.   Every participant in the promotion shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the rules by virtue of their participation.

50.   The above clauses are severable from each other. Should any clause or part thereof be found to be unenforceable by operation of the law, such clause or part thereof will be severed, and the remaining clauses shall remain in force.

51.   Any person transgressing the rules of this promotion will be disqualified.

52.   Copies of these rules are available at the Guest Services Desk and the Salon Privé desks upon request

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