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Poker has its origins in the beginning of the 16th century and has steadily gained popularity ever since. It has gone from being primarily a recreational activity confined to small groups of enthusiasts, to a widely popular spectator activity with international audiences and multi-million dollar tournament prizes.

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Ultimate Texas Hold'em

The Aim of the Game

The game is a modified version of Texas Hold ’em in which the Players and Dealers share 5 community cards in conjunction with their own 2 cards. The Dealer will deal the Player 2 cards which they can choose to either play or fold during 3 betting rounds.

The Bets

Get into the game by placing an equal wager on the Ante and “blind” betting areas before “no more bets” is announced. The Trip wager is an optional side bet which needs to be placed before the cards are dealt.

Once all bets are placed, the Player and Dealer will each be dealt 2 cards face down.

If at this point the Player decides to wager on their hand, they will need to place a Play bet equal to three or four times their original Ante wager. If they decide not to bet at this point, they may “check” (bet nothing).

The Dealer will reveal the first 3 Community cards. Everyone gets to use these cards to make a 5 card Poker hand.

Once again, the option of the Player wagering on their hand is now available. At this point of the game, a Play wager of twice their Ante wager is required. Of course, the Player may choose to “check” again at this point of the game.

The Dealer will now reveal the next 2 Community cards. This will complete the 5 Community cards that both the Players and the Dealer will use to make the best 5 card Poker hand, in conjunction with their own two cards.

Now, if the Player chooses to play against the Dealer, they will need to make a Play wager that is equal to their Ante wager.

If they do not wish to play against the Dealer, their hand will be folded, and they will forfeit their Ante and Blind wagers.

The “Trips” wager will remain in play as it is an optional side bet and will be addressed once the outcome of the hand has been determined.

Once everyone at the table has chosen to fold or play, the Dealer will reveal their 2 cards.

If the Dealer has a pair or higher, they will play the hand and compare it to all of the Players hands on the table.

If the Player’s hand beats the Dealer’s hand, the Player wins!

The winning bet will be paid even money (1 to 1) on Ante and play wagers. If the Dealer’s hand does not contain a pair or higher, the Player’s Ante wager will push (neither win nor lose), and remaining bets will be addressed according to the pay table. If the Player’s hand ties with the Dealer’s qualifying hand (all five cards are identical in rank regardless of suit), all wagers will stand off.

Players will be paid according to the following pay table if their hand is a straight or better on the blind wager and outranks the dealer hand.

How To Play

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