Cart and Bike Hire

Tue, 1 Dec 2020


Mon, 5 Apr 2021

Daily from 08h00 - 17h00

Suncoast Amphitheatre

From R60 - R200

Suncoast has a new summer holiday activity! Experience Durban’s promenade on a cart or bicycle this holiday with friends and family! Find them on the grass outside Suncoast Wimpy.

Carts: Single seater – R90 per hour 2 seater – R150 per hour 4 seater – R200 per hour

Bikes: R60 per hour R90 for 2 hours R120 for 3 hours

Vintage Bike Hire: R100 per hour R150 for 2 hours

  1. The bikes and carts are cleaned after every use. Selected surfaces of each used bike are disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution (with the recommended minimum disinfectant dwell time of 5 minutes) before being made available to be ridden again.  These surfaces include hand grips, brake levers, shift levers, and button pads on displays (E-Bikes).
  2. An analogous disinfection is applied to all accessories (after each use): these include helmets, locks, and child seats.
  3. On top of the above measures to sterilize the equipment, we offer single-use gloves and sealed packages of helmet liners to any who require the extra precaution.
  4. All social distancing measures are in practice and sanitizing protocols for the usage of pens and other materials.
  5. Staff are well protected and ensure their masks are worn and sanitizers are used as often as possible.
  6. Daily disinfection of shared-use surfaces
  7. PPE checklists in place for staff and guests.
  8. The area is pest free and services are carried out.
  9. Staff and guests undergo temperature checks and a relevant disclaimer is filled out.
  10. There is an appointed covid compliance officer overlooking the entire operation daily.


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