Suncoast Embraces Environmental Sustainability

During the redevelopment of Durban’s most loved entertainment destination, SUNCOAST Casino Hotels & Entertainment, almost doubled in size, while the number of restaurant and dining options more than doubled making waste management and recycling even more crucial to this environmentally-conscious complex.

SUNCOAST is dedicated to habitually segregating dry and wet waste, at the source, as it is the mixing of these two types of waste in a landfill that creates hazardous greenhouse gases.

Dry waste or non-biodegradable items like cardboard, plastics, paper, glass, metal and cans are placed into plastic refuse bags by employees, at outlet level and then into wheelie bins, which when full are transported to the compactor room for sorting into the separate categories for recycling. Cardboard boxes are flat packed and placed in the roll-on skip, in the compactor room, for recycling.

Wet waste is biodegradable food waste that SUNCOAST composts through the Bokashi method, a Japanese word meaning ‘fermented organic matter’, a composting process that avoids food waste being sent to the landfill. Bokashi is, in essence, an anaerobic composting solution, this means that all kinds of kitchen scraps can be included like diary and meat, unlike aerobic systems that require oxygen to compost only specific food waste. The Bokashi bran is inoculated with beneficial microbes, to facilitate an odourless fermentation, and is layered between macerated food waste. The layered Bokashi brand and food waste pulp is stored in blue drums, in the composter room, ready for transport to a local composting site.

“SUNCOAST is committed to environmental sustainability.” says Mike Dowsley, SUNCOAST Operations Director. He continues on to say “in our redevelopment plans we addressed our environmental impact and our achievable desire to ensure that despite our exponential increase in size that we intensify our efforts to conserve the environment, in all that we do.”

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